Winter and Spring Breaks Camp

We  during both breaks and so you can bring your student(s) to us. The classes will be divided by level and grade. All of our students will take a journey with us to discover a variety of Latin American countries. As soon as your child "arrives" in the designated country of the day, Spanish will be the language spoken.  We also have a program for beginners students. This camp is not total immersion in Spanish as all instructions are given in English.  

Students will have bountiful amounts of fun experiencing the culture and will learn or improve their Spanish skills. Your child will participate in interactive games, learn grammar, vocabulary, etc. We have many activities like arts and crafts projects, dance, etc. as well!

Weekly Schedules for students 2 years old to 5th grade

Option UNO!: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday thru Friday - $180 per week.

​Option DOS!: Flexible or more hours, we have the program for you!!!!!

Register NOW!!!!!!

Adult Classes

We offer Spanish classes tailored to your field. Classes are on a one-on-one basis or in groups. Perfect for Attorneys, Emergency personnel, etc. 


Private Tutoring

Your Language and Cultural Center provides one-on-one tutoring in any level of Spanish. We also offer homework help and summer refreshers.

After School Program

Our classes are offered every day or 3 times per week in the morning and afternoon.