Virginia Gonzalez, is our beloved teacher who has been teaching children, young students and adults for several years. She loves to teach and says that she is at her happiest moments when she teaches. She is always taking classes herself like Early Childhood, to improve her wonderful way of teaching. She loves dogs and in her free time she loves to watch movies.

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Jennyfer Vasquez who is pursuing a career in nursing to become A Pediatrics Nurse Practitioner, come to us from Marin . She is A passionate teacher who loves and enjoys teaching children her Native language. She takes the time to insure that each child understands and learns all concepts being taught. The children are drawn to not only for her sweet, fun, loving ways but also for keeping and maintaining a discipline structure in order for them to understand and learn properly. She is well liked by all her students who are eager to learn and have fun as soon as she walks in the classroom .

These are some of our wonderful staff members

Estela Morel, is very well recognized in Marin and her kindness, empathy, and sweet disposition gives each kid the attention needed to understand the language. Kids are drawn to her because she shows them how wonderful they are. Estela is very well known in the schools and students love her.

Arcelia Chavez, come to us with more than 15 years experience working and teaching kids. Her studies and experience in Early Education and Psychology opened the door for her true passion..... teaching. Her natural drive makes the classes interactive and fun. Kids just run to her as soon as they see her.

Alexis Flores, comes to us after managing the "Child At Heart Program: Spoke to children at their level" for many years. Besides teaching, Alexis has been working with children with disabilities, VoluntEARS with Kaboom! Parents say that she uses magic because all the students are drawn to her due to her kindness and loving way.

"Rosario has been my son’s Spanish immersion teacher for two years. He has learned a tremendous amount in a fun-filled environment that’s tailored to children of various ages and skill levels. Rosario has developed caring relationships with the kids and engages them in exciting ways through songs, games, crafts and cultural projects. It’s been amazing to see my son’s progress through both class performances and when he has the chance to use his Spanish outside of the classroom."
​Jennifer (Kent's mom)

"My 11 year old son learned Spanish with Rosario for two years.  Every morning he was excited to go to class even though it was before school!  Rosario creates a playful and supportive environment where kids have fun while being introduced to a new language. I wish we had one more year but we are off to middle school. Rosario Rocks!."

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Erica Barajas, graduated from Sonoma State University with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology besides Early Childhood Education. She worked at a Preschool in Marin where she was absolutely adored by her students and parents. She loves kids and loves to see them learning while having fun at the same time. Teaching young children is her passion. She is dedicated and experienced with the many different types of learning needs and is always thrilled to see the learning outcome of the brilliant students. 

Aurora Martinez, comes to us with more than 15 years teaching kids from Preschool to 5th Grade. 
Aurora has become known for her great love and dedication to the Children, her work ethics, dedication to teaching young minds. In her free time, she is a promoter of climate change.

Rosa Perez, loves to be in the classroom playing with the kids who don't even know they are learning. She is fun and kids miss her when she goes to other classrooms. Her Psychology Major helps her understand the different ways of learning. She always says how much more kids learn by play and of course playing with her.


Daisy Martinez, with her kind, patient nature put children instantly at ease as they delved into a new language. She has a knack for making the lessons fun, keeping their attention throughout their lesson. However,  while she is sweet and lovely with my children, she is also able to maintain a structure and discipline to the class so they are able to learn. Children and parents are crazy for Daisy!

Rosario Navarro, Co-Founder and Program  Director and Lead Teacher has been teaching for more than 30 years. She opened her first school in her native country of El Salvador where she developed her own fantastic way of teaching. Students love her enthusiastic and fun approach to teaching.

Connie Del Rosal, Co-Founder and Director of Administration and Operations brings strong fiscal management and business development,  as well as a wealth of corporate, private and non-profit experience. She gives back to the community through her role on several non-profit boards and volunteering her time to organizations close to her heart.


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Your Language and Cultural Center provides one-on-one tutoring in any level of Spanish. We also offer homework help and summer refreshers.

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